From this session, I got to learn many new terminologies such as

🔰 CVS: CVS stands for Centralised Version control system. Here we can able to see that if the developer wants to share his code with the testing environment for his testing team. He can upload his code and share it with his team.

🔰 Git is preferred over CVS because GIT works on a module level vs CVS works on a file level.

🔰 Chaos Testing: They will help us at the time when suddenly unexpected errors occur. So that performance can be enhanced.

In simple terms, it's a simulation of a situation where an error can occur.

🔰Grafana is a data visualization tool that helps to monitor the system.

🔰CPU Requests: A maximum of requests a pod can request to get its resources.

🔰 CPU Limits: A maximum limit of resources can be used from all containers.

🔰CPU Leaks: If there is too much workload to the pod. Similar to the concept of the overflow of the resource. This kind of scenario is called a deadlock. Our environment may go down.

🔰SCC: Security Context Constraint which is provided by Open shift.

🔹It can also able to control certain scenarios where

✨Whether s pod can run privileged containers.

✨Whether a container allowed the user to read-only mode etc...

Thank you




Aspiring Cloud DevOps MlOps Enthusiast

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Sathya Narayana

Sathya Narayana

Aspiring Cloud DevOps MlOps Enthusiast

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